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Sofa Beds

Trendy, magnificent and cosy: words that are used to describe our wide range of contemporary Italian sofa beds that have long gripped our customers’ attention. One can easily relate to our extensive variety of elegantly designed sofas that blend contemporary style with a traditional look. Most sofas in the market are simply redesigned versions of their old counterparts with little attention paid to customers’ needs. We beg to differ. Our team of creative artists ensures that style must not overrule utility and comfort. That is why you will find all our luxury Italian sofa beds available on our site and in our showrooms complete with backrest options that make living easier.

A blend of utility and comfort

Versatile in design and functionality, shape and placement of the cushions play an important role while deciding on the style of modern Italian sofa beds that we sell. Modern homes may not have space to accommodate the large sofas that one normally finds in showrooms. To suit their requirements, we have medium-sized sofas that are not only beautifully styled and designed but are also replete with the comfort and grandeur of their bigger sized counterparts.

For those looking to furnish their villas or refurbishing old colonial mansions to lend them a new and unique look, we present the more extensive collection complete with hi-end soft cushions upholstered in the best quality real leather or soft, smooth fabric according to our customers’ needs.

A slice of Italy to every home

You do not need to travel to Italy to buy your furniture. Instead, come to our showroom or browse through our website for all the best Italian pieces of furniture that you would like to add to your space. With a team of furniture experts and skilled craftsmen from every part of the world, we ensure that you get more than what you had bargained for, and that too at unbelievable prices. This is because Denelli loves to serve its customers, which means that you get the best furniture at the lowest available price.

The vesatility of a sofa bed is unparallelled. At Denelli Italia you will see a fine collection of sumptuous sofas coupled with a great mattress resulting is a fantastic sofa bed that will have you yearning for more!